APPETITE galería invitada a FRIEZE ART FAIR octubre 2008

APPETITE: when art will rule the world

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2008 Frieze + Noviembre

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Argentina´s leading contemporary Art Gallery, Appetite, debuts at Frieze 2008


Appetite Frieze
Diego de Aduriz - Appetite en Frieze
Appetite Frieze
Appetite Frieze - The stand was changing every day
and many times a day - This is on the last one, the calm day
We were doing performance every day
This is Diego de Aduriz
People was amazed by the stand, the artwork, the performances - we had a lot of public all the time




Dazed and Confused said:

It is impossible to say one gallery was a highlight here – there's so many and in the end they all blur together. The thoroughness when we begin at A1 fades by the time we hit H15. A few spaces stood out - the crazy installation by Argentian gallery Appetite which included old rubbish, neon paintings and a small man in a green cardboard outfit making chaos with tape (Diego de Aduriz).



t the annual Frieze art fair in London's Regents Park, Argentinean gallery Appetite, literally blended their art with the credit crunch.
The artists and gallery owner Daniella Luna ate remnants of visitors' food and slept only when a visitor was kind enough to offer them a roof.


Some artists might beg to disagree.
Angry with his financial situation, one of the artists at Appetite gallery, Marcelo Galindo, caused a frenzy when he ran around the fair naked. "We have to learn how to survive these difficult times" says Daniella Luna.
Her words ring especially true as Appetite did not sell any of its works-- it seems the art public might not be ready to hear the words "survival" just yet.



New York Times

There are the usual gimmicky showstoppers, like Petroc Sesti's "Perpetual Void," a large glass sphere of clear oil in which a braidlike vortex twists perpetually, seemingly down the drain. But with first-time exhibitors from China, Turkey, India and Argentina (from Buenos Aires, Appetite, where the work of about 10 artists is displayed in a kind of continuous trash heap), Frieze still managed to provide a random snapshot of an increasingly global and youthful art world in transition.




Uno de los proyectos más originales y que más fuertemente contrastan con el lustre de toda la feria corresponde a la galería argentina "Appetite", de Daniela Luna, cuyos artistas se dedican a recoger toda la basura -vasos de papel, botellas vacías- que generan los participantes y visitantes de Frieze.
La galerista, que acaba de abrir un espacio en Nueva York, dijo que esa instalación de desperdicios está también a la venta.



Emerging art market frosty at Frieze

" Daniela Luna, curator of Appetite, the first Argentinian gallery to
show at Frieze, said the financial markets had not helped the
emerging art scene in Buenos Aires, but they were able to survive
because of their low overheads and the fact they create much of their
work out of "junk from the streets".


REVISTA alemana, empiezan su review de Frieze hablando de Appetite:
Londoner Frieze Art in Zeiten der Finanzkrise

London (dpa)- Die Leute von der Galerie Appetite sitzen mitten in einem Müllhaufen aus Kaffee-Bechern und Wasserflaschen. Über ihnen hängt ein Plakat mit der Aufschrift «We call communism the real movement», zu Deutsch: Kommunismus ist für uns die wirkliche Bewegung.




Sixth Edition of Leading Contemporary Art Fair Frieze Art Fair 2008

AGENCIA EFE – (cable de noticias levantado por diario de Venezuela "El Universal":

Feria de arte Frieze trata de desafiar a la crisis económica

Open Magazine
Appetite Gallery from Buenos Aires, billing themselves as 'radical and contemporary' lived up to their name. Their space from top to bottom was a controlled mess of art and rubbish, used paper coffee cups lining the sides. A crazily dressed Argentinean lady was asked whether you would like an appointment with 'the Cotton Man'. Most people survive this meeting apparently, but not with all their clothes in the state they arrived in.
Each year, Frieze invites two young galleries to present a special project for their booth. This year, Appetite gallery from Buenos Aires is the first Argentine gallery in the history of Frieze.
The project was a work in progress in which Marcelo Galindo, Victoria Musotto and Diego de Aduriz, artists, and Daniela Luna, director of the gallery, where continually performing and changing the stand.
As many visitors remarked, the only booth where people were having fun...

There are other examples of environments that have been similarly 'airlifted' into the fair: a rubbish dump from the Appetite Gallery in Buenos Aires, with the artists rummaging through the garbage;


Una Galería argentina triunfadora
Luna de Londres
Daniela Luna es la revelación de la feria Frieze, que reúne en la capital inglesa a lo más destacado del arte internacional.


Appetite and its unique approach to contemporary art is the first argentine gallery selected for Frieze Art Fair–one of the most important contemporary arts fairs in the world
Appetite was launched in 2005. Its founder and director, Daniela Luna, has positioned the young Argentine emerging artists on both exclusive markets Buenos Aires and New York. Appettite is now landing in the UK to attract important collectors and artists from around the world.
Daniela Luna says "We are very excited with our first participation in FRIEZE, and we hope to establish a long term relationship with this very prestigious fair. We are here to show the most creative Argentine cutting edge artists and to position Argentina as a top contemporary -art place in South America"
Appetite has been recognized by the international and national press as one of the most unique and outstanding contemporary galleries. Bizarre and atypical, Appetite is a new center of experimentation in Buenos Aires and is attracting an increasing number of collectors, artists and tourist visiting Argentina1.
Daniela Luna will be available for one-to-one press interviews any afternoon from the 15th to the 19th of October


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